Imperfection Illuminated:

Unveiling Japanese Wisdom for a Balanced Life

Imperfection Illuminated: Unveiling Japanese Wisdom for a Balanced Life shines a heartening light on ancient Japanese principles for embracing imperfections and discovering harmony. Weaving captivating storytelling with cultural insights, Auxier’s enlightening book examines timeless concepts like Wabi-Sabi, Ikigai, and Kaizen. This profound work encourages readers to reflect on society’s relentless pursuit of perfection, which frequently leads to discontent. Auxier encourages a liberating shift—to uncover beauty in impermanence and flaws. Adopting Wabi-Sabi’s art of appreciating blemishes cultivates gratitude, resilience, and serenity in daily life. Furthermore, the book introduces Ikigai, the Eastern philosophy of aligning passion, talents, and values to find purpose and meaning. Readers gain valuable perspective on unearthing their true calling and potential. Whether seeking personal growth, a renewed outlook, or more in-depth wisdom,“Imperfection Illuminated” is a luminous must-read. Auxier’s engaging insights will empower you to embrace imperfections, find balance, and live with fulfillment. Discover how to unlock Japanese philosophies to create a life of beauty, harmony, and joy.

PAPERBACK ISBN: 9781954145955
HARDBACK ISBN: 9781954145467
EBOOK ISBN: 9781954145627

imperfection illuminated-astrid auxier-9781954145467
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