La Imperfección illuminada:

Desvelando la Sabiduría Japonesa para una Vida Equilibrada

Inside “La Imperfección Iluminada: Desvelando la Sabiduría Japonesa para una Vida Equilibrada”, Astrid Auxier discusses the three traditional Japanese philosophies of Wabi-Sabi, Kaizen, and Ikigai. The idea that accepting impermanence and imperfection can result in a more fulfilling and balanced life is emphasized throughout the book. In order to increase happiness and purpose in the modern world, Auxier exhorts readers to see the beauty in imperfections, embrace life’s uncertainties, and view perceived flaws as qualities that add depth and character.

In essence, “La Imperfección Iluminada” demonstrates how embracing the incomplete and transient nature of all things is the clandestine route to wisdom, acceptance, and harmony with both ourselves and the world around us. Auxier extends a poetic invitation, encouraging us to perceive our cracks and flaws as beautiful insights into the human experience.

Language: Spanish

PAPERBACK ISBN: 9798892140409
EBOOK ISBN: 9798892140416

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