Ikigai for Career Changers

Photo by Javier Allegue Barros  Align Your New Career Path with Purpose through Ikigai The Japanese concept of Ikigai has garnered widespread attention and acclaim, especially among those currently on the journey of a fulfilling career. It became guiding philosophy that encapsulates the convergence of various elements, namely passion, mission, vocation, and contribution. It is

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Wabi-sabi, Kaizen, and Ikigai

Finding Balance with Wabi-Sabi, Kaizen, and Ikigai

Photo by Patrick Fore  Master Life in Harmonizing Wabi-Sabi, Kaizen, and Ikigai in Daily Life To effectively integrate Wabi-sabi, Kaizen, and Ikigai into our lives, it requires a conscious effort to slow down, reflect, and prioritize. It involves incorporating mindfulness practices, embracing the beauty in the imperfect, setting realistic and achievable goals for continuous improvement,

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